• Get Paid to Race

Get Paid to Race

Paperback version.

Land the biggest deal of your racing career.

Get Paid to Race is the ultimate guide to motorsport sponsorship. The book will take you through how to build your status as an influencer, attract the right kind of sponsors, define their goals, sell the benefits and land the biggest deal of your racing career.

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Get Paid to Race includes:

  • How to build an impressive social following
  • How to secure press coverage for you and your sponsors
  • How to research businesses to give yourself the best chance of landing the deal
  • How to pitch (including templates)
  • How to sell the benefits
  • How to close a large sponsorship deal
  • How to keep your sponsors happy
  • How to renew a sponsorship deal season-after-season

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Reviews (12)

Cammie Sturch
11 Nov 2019
Cammie Sturch

When I was initially thinking of my road map into the motorsport world I thought it was pretty obvious what I needed to do and I really didn’t think I needed a book telling me what I knew. Only took a few minutes of flicking through to realise just how much I had to learn about reaching those potential sponsors and making the most of my unique selling point.

Clear and easy to read with no jargon, feels like a friend is casually explaining it to you rather than an advertising mogul. Highly recommended

Ryan Sayer
23 Apr 2019
Ryan Sayer

Definitely 5 stars! If you take your time, read and take in the information you all of a sudden see everything from a different perspective! I managed to seal a deal in less than 3 days with an old contact which “wasn’t interested”

If you use it right. You’ll get the results.

Toby Trice
30 Jan 2019
Toby Trice

Before I review this book I want to do something way more important. Jess, thank you so much for writing this!

This book has been exactly what I have been looking for. After reading this book, I have already seen benefit both in personal and professional life.

I didn’t know where to start with racing sponsorship. Now equipped with the tools, confidence and a much better understanding all thanks to Jess I am sure to be on the grid this coming season.

On a side note, I believe everyone can learn a lot from the book. Yes it is written for racing drivers but I believe everyone can learn something from this.

Steve Johnson
4 Jan 2019
Steve Johnson

Without doubt this is the book to get for this season and beyond.

With a realistic and first hand approach, Jess covers all aspects in great detail.

Change your approach slightly and you will see the difference, Good Luck!

Chris Diamond
19 Dec 2018
Chris Diamond

As someone who is new to tintop racing and looking to instantly work at building partnerships to support my campaign – this book has been supremely useful.

It is well laid out, well written and supremely interesting. It’s given me confidence to go forwards and approach potential sponsors with an understanding of what’s required. It’s also easy to flick back through if you need to focus on a specific area.

Totally recommend adding it to the bookcase.

Rhys Anthony Racing
17 Dec 2018
Rhys Anthony Racing

This is a great Book for all those seeking sponsorship of any kind. Jess details everything beautifully and logically.

A must have book for guidance in the tough world of sponsorship quest.

16 Dec 2018

This book has a purpose far beyond its stated ‘racing driver’ audience.

Anyone entering the PR, social media or sponsorship world would benefit from its no-nonsense, crystal clear guidance.

I’ve read many heavyweight marketing text books, but this one is better. It distills the key points into simple task lists and helpful tips.

Despite a 30 year marketing career, I learnt a few new tricks from this book.

Neal Shore
15 Dec 2018
Neal Shore

Excellent guide book. With no messing about as it gets straight to the point. The auther Jess has written everything you need to know about obtaining sponsorship backing in a logical step by step procedure.
Make no mistake it is still going to take a lot of effort to gain the backing of a sponsor but with this guide you will find your efforts focused and success will start to come more often then not.

I purchased the book two months ago and have since changed my approach slightly and secured the backing of two national companies.

Use the book as the tool its designed as and so long as you apply your self you will succeed.

14 Dec 2018

I loved this book! It's really easy to read and has great ideas. It gives a clear plan on how to target potential sponsors. A must for all racers!

Will Fairclough
10 Dec 2018
Will Fairclough

For any racing driver serious about their longevity behind the wheel of a race car this is a must buy. Jess has written an incredibly informative and up to date book that easily and concisely lays out what you need to be doing, and what mindset you need to have in order to attract financial backers. Super book. 5 stars.

Alex Goldschmidt
5 Dec 2018
Alex Goldschmidt

For such a book to emerge, it is so refreshing where people can actually realise their racing aspirations, without having to struggle along, year after year. “Get Paid To Race” is insightful, clear and concise, and is worth putting an investment in, to help those that need it, for that welcome return. Nice work, Jess!

Simon Pendlebury
5 Dec 2018
Simon Pendlebury

I saw the book after following Jess since the start of the Racing Mentor launch. Now you can ask successful drivers for advice until you are blue in the face, but this ‘Sponsorship Bible’ is THE BEST weapon in your arsenal. If you have never tried to find sponsorship or struggle my advice is to get this book, some highlighter and clear some space to read. I have had this book a week now (08/12/18) and since taking advice from this, my page likes have almost doubled, my social media following has increased 3 fold and I have secured no fewer than 5 meetings with potential partners.. This book has helped me vastly improve my proposal content and provided me the tools to help step beyond an email conversation.. An example of this is when a company says sorry this isn’t of interest or not in our plans.. don’t just stop at that.. find out why? And give yourself that extra chance to convert that NO.. Well done Jess.. Here’s to the next one..

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