• Sponsorship Pitch Webinars (July 2020)

Sponsorship Pitch Webinars (July 2020)

Replays and slides for both of July's webinars:

- Relationship-building: The first step to sponsorship success
- The Anatomy of a Winning Sponsorship Pitch


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Relationship-building: The first step to sponsorship success

You have a higher chance of succeeding with a sponsorship pitch if you're targeting a warm lead - someone you already have a relationship with.

Yet, so many drivers pitch to businesses cold, without ever taking time to build a rapport. Usually, it takes five to seven touchpoints for someone to buy (broadly speaking in a business sense). When you combine this with the fact that we are more likely to buy from people we know and like, it makes no sense to skip this step of the sponsorship process.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to softly approach the right people and begin to build relationships with them that could lead to sponsorship deals in the future. You'll leave with the knowledge of:

  • How to write an introductory message that makes people excited to reply
  • How to nurture that relationship
  • How to get them excited about what you do without going on the hard sell
  • How to prime your new friends ahead of a sponsorship pitch

The Anatomy of a Winning Sponsorship Pitch

In this webinar we're going to look at real winning pitch emails. We'll dissect them to help you understand what makes each one successful.

Many drivers make the same mistakes time and time again, and it's often the reason your pitches just get ignored. Creating a pitch that hooks your contact and makes them want to reply doesn't have to be difficult.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • What a real-life, winning sponsorship pitch looks like
  • How to create your own sponsorship pitches
  • How you can tweak the elements of a pitch to you and your potential sponsors
  • The different types of emails and how they work
  • The differences pitching to cold and warm leads

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